eight big reasons to aim for longevity

For those who desire to build their best campus mission, one key ingredient is building for longevity. If we’re going to build a ministry, we might as well build to last, right?

That’s nice to say, but there are certainly reasons a lot of college ministries don’t last long. I’ll discuss some of those soon [right here, to be exact]. But today, thoughts on why longevity is so worth aiming for.

I do strongly believe longevity can majorly increase the quality AND quantity of college ministry impact. Here are eight big reasons:

  1. A campus ministry or church-based group that is widely known as effective and established will receive positive word-of-mouth: from students, campus staff, the community, alumni, and others who hear about its impact (even from far away).
  2. Relationships with campus and community members grow deeper over time.
  3. Relationships (and even continued impact) with alumni are harder if the ministry doesn’t exist anymore…
  4. Strategy becomes more and more fine-tuned over time.
  5. Spiritual health (including wisdom, spiritual balance, and love) within the ministry can grow over time.
  6. Even when the college ministry isn’t the largest ministry on its campus each and every year, it may have an easier time staying “in the mix,” since it’s a staple in that campus tribe.
  7. While other short-term ministries may at times steal the spotlight, a consistent, long-term college ministry can ultimately influence a much larger number of students as the years go by.
  8. A long-range mission effort has the opportunity to impact not only students, but eventually to see its impact extend to faculty, administration, and other “locals” as the ministry becomes an integral part of the campus and even the city.

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