big idea #10: build your best campus mission!

Here we are. Number 10, of the Ten Big Ideas that could genuinely help transform a present (or new) college ministry. While not all of these ideas fit every ministry, those that do fit are truly things that could create major positive change.

Number 10: Build your best campus mission.

This one brings us back full circle to #1, where we broached the idea that college ministry is missions in the first place. Yet there’s a difference between applying that first idea – that college ministry is more “missions” than “Christian Education” – and actually treating an entire ministry like a mission to the campus(es). In the former, we apply missiological elements (I wrote most recently about contextualization, strategy, and difficulty). But in the latter, building a campus mission, we keep working to build a lasting, effective outpost for the Kingdom.

I’ll hash out what this means to me over the next few days, based on what seems to be needed in the ministries I’ve visited. But there’s no way I can prescribe for your situation as well as you can. So it may be best to begin simply by asking (and sitting with) the key question:

Are we building a campus mission or just running a college ministry?

(I’m not trying to replace the term “college ministry,” I promise. But it’s still helpful to use different words when they make us look anew at what we’re doing.)


Below is the full list of eight posts about building our best campus mission, or click here for the entire list of all posts from the Ten Big Ideas series.

  • one: Build your best campus mission! (That’s this post.)
  • two: Building your best campus mission requires building for longevity… eight reasons to aim for longevity.
  • three: How to build a college ministry to crumble – enemies of longevity.
  • four: Building your best campus mission also requires serious, regular evaluation.
  • five: Keys to forming a good evaluation plan.
  • six: Potential ways to evaluate your college ministry (a brainstorm).
  • seven: Building your best campus mission also requires making aggressive progress!
  • eight: How a college ministry might progress (and it’s not just by getting bigger).

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