penn gillette on evangelism, beef stew for breakfast

I realize this has been around for a few months, but I’ve learned not to take for granted that we’ve all seen every good thing that’s out there.

As I urged with the Seat of Power video last week, I highly encourage you to watch this. It is an incredibly helpful insight on evangelism from an atheist, Penn Gillette of Penn & Teller fame. I promise, it’s 5 minutes well spent, and I bet you show it to your students.

I try to take my opportunity to recommend things very seriously. While I’m always glad to mention links that might be helpful, I know we all get forwards and other things that are a waste of time. Hopefully I don’t ever do that. And particularly with audio and video (which is harder to skim-and-delete), I want to respect your time!

So I only write things like, “I highly encourage you to watch this,” when I strongly believe you’ll be helped by what you see!

That’s all I’m saying.

To prove it to you, I won’t encourage you to check out this video-song celebrating our eschatological breakfast needs (or lack thereof), which may or may not involve beef stew. But if you do have some free time and want to check it out, you might just find a good humorous opener to your next college ministry worship service (or teaching series on the End Times)… [thanks to Mat Alexander for pointing me to this video]

Really, though, that Penn Gillette thing is one of the best college ministry teaching aids I’ve seen in a while.

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