no spring break disasters! yes spring break impact!

You might have noticed that news outlets have been reporting some grave concerns about Mexico travel these days. The recent violence is especially problematic as college students begin taking their annual “pilgrimages” to Cancun and other Spring Break hot spots. (Here are articles from the Dallas Morning News and the Associated Press via FOXNews.)

But we know that Mexico is the site of plenty of collegiate mission trips during Spring Break, too. I’m on more than a few mailing lists, and one of those college ministries sent word of canceling their Mexico trip a few days ago; I’m sure others have done the same. But I bet there are still lots of ministries headed that way.

But Spring Break is big for college students in other ways, too.

For so many college students, Spring Break is just a weird, hard, evil, destructive time of partying and all that goes along with that. This is true whether those students go to Mexico or elsewhere.

But at the same time, Spring Break is a time for numerous mission trips all over the U.S. and the world! Many people’s first missions experience comes right now!

So… in the world of college ministry, it’s a big month indeed.

That’s why I figured it would be a good day for us all to remember to pray during this Spring Break season. If you’ve got specific groups you know about, be sure to pray for them. And you could even do a little googling and pray for brothers and sisters you don’t know!

As college ministers, we’re all in this together… and there’s no better time for us to join forces in prayer than Spring Break 2009.

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