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Trivia Question: What was the very first campus I visited on the big trip?

Trivia Answer: Evangel University!

Why do I bring this up? Because a guy I know just got accepted to that college. And how they announced his acceptance was pretty sweet… (I promise, this has to do with college ministry.)

They sent a happy little DVD, and in its 2-minute presentation my friend was welcomed to the school – by his admission counselor, by the president, by teachers, by students, by athletes, and even by the cafeteria lady! While these messages were generic (but friendly), the very first person in the video congratulated my friend by name before sharing how much she’s enjoyed her time at Evangel so far.

(And it’s probably no coincidence that they got a good-looking sophomore gal to welcome this incoming freshman guy.)

evangelacceptanceWhat a way to find out you got into college! (I’m assuming they don’t send out non-acceptance DVDs, although if they do, I would enjoy watching those…)

This is special service. It’s pretty cool to have a hearty, personalized welcome (even if it is a little cheesy) as a student heads to the unfamiliar college world. (And it’s not bad marketing, either.)

So here’s the trick: How welcome do new students feel in your ministry? What crazy thing could you do to let students know you’re really glad they visited your ministry? Or even to let them know you’re really glad they’re coming to your campus? (Just don’t be creepy.)

Some more quick thoughts:

  1. Evangel made a choice to do something cool with a required task. They had to let this guy know about their decision somehow. How often could our “must-dos” become something remarkable?
  2. Evangel is able to do this (more easily, at least) because they’re small. There are ways small college ministries, too, can make an unusual, interesting impact – ways that might not be easy for bigger ministries.
  3. Could you help your college do something like this? And what if your college’s welcome video included a big Hello from local college ministers?
  4. How else can you connect to the fact that students are SO EXCITED to be headed to college?

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