big idea #9: think about niches

We’re getting close to finishing the “Big Idea” series that started back in late January, but these last two are particularly fun (for me, at least).

So here’s the ninth idea that could potentially transform your college ministry:

Think about niches.

I honestly believe this is one of the largest untapped growth areas for well-developed, larger college ministries to pursue. But at the same time, it’s also a perfect thing for “newly born” (or even prenatal) college ministries to consider, as well.

I use the term “niche ministry” to describe any ministry effort that targets either a particular segment of the population OR a particular area of Christian development. While those are different focuses, in each case a particular “slice” of the overall college ministry task is being pursued in a specific way.

One more key: Niche ministry can take place either within a larger ministry or as a stand-alone effort.

First, some examples of the first type of niche ministry (targeting a particular segment of the population):

And now some examples of niche ministry efforts that target a particular area of Christian development:

  • Navigators (usually focused primarily on disciplemaking)
  • 24-7 prayer houses
  • Passion Conferences
  • Veritas Forum
  • a “city-wide” college worship service
  • a 4-week teaching series that your ministry hosts as a special, one-time, on-campus event

Has your ministry ever pursued a particular niche? Could it? Should it?

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