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Two items I thought might interest you (if you haven’t seen them already):

Passion City Church

Christianity Today’s Q&A with Louie Giglio explore the new Passion City Church he (and other key people) are planting in Atlanta. Very helpful for understanding his mindset on this.

See the church’s blog here.

Kings on NBC

I have no idea what the morality level of NBC’s new show “Kings” will be, but the show (premiering in exactly two weeks) is based on the story of David. And by “based,” I mean that it seems to follow the story surprisingly closely, though as a modern retelling.

The creator has actually commented that the show will have lots of “Easter eggs” for religious audiences – places where we who know the David/Saul story will notice very particular biblical connections. Already, some of those seem so blatant (like the fact that “David Shepherd” is the main character’s name) that I worry it will be a little cheesy. But of course it feels cheesier for us already familiar with the story.

Anyway, it’s possible this show will be good fodder for collegiate discussions, and it does certainly highlight the fact that the Bible isn’t simply true but is interesting, as well. And I appreciate that they’re diving into a text that isn’t explored as often for this sort of adaptation.

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