topics for beyond the (graduation) grave

As part of the series, I’ve been writing thoughts on helping people thrive when, from our perspective, they’re dead-and-gone. Because, of course, our former students are STILL ALIVE after college graduation… though I’m not sure we structure our ministries around that fact often enough.

(This topic in the series starts here.)

Here are some topics that might serve well in preparing students for that Transition. (Please add any others you find compelling!)

Some in this list might be perfect for last-semester teaching topics; others might require years’ worth of emphasis. The point is, each seems particularly useful for promoting continued growth as students enter the “young adult” world.

In no particular order, then, some topics that seem to be important for post-college Christians:

  1. God-centeredness (as opposed to self-centeredness or even people-centeredness)
  2. True community
  3. Facing trials well
  4. Spiritual disciplines (and why they matter)
  5. Money management
  6. Commitment
  7. Why theology matters
  8. A biblical understanding of “work”
  9. Making decisions
  10. Biblical churchmanship (including in churches that don’t cater to young adults well)
  11. Friendships in a post-college life
  12. Dating relationships in a post-college life
  13. Family relationships in a post-college life
  14. How to study the Bible
  15. How to find good answers to tough questions
  16. Finding / choosing a church
  17. Why and how we don’t “outgrow” a need for complete integrity / obedience
  18. Loving people
  19. The idea that God has a story for them to live, and college doesn’t have to be the “high point” of their lives

This is no brilliant list, but it still might get us all thinking about which – if any – of these themes our graduating seniors truly excel in.

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