21 months

During the last 21 months, I have had the opportunity to hang out with lots of college students around the nation, to sit in on plenty of college ministry activities, and to connect with something like 300 college ministers.

But during the last 21 months, I haven’t had a “home college ministry,” with college students and volunteers and leaders that I could call my “own.” It’s been awesome doing what I’ve gotten to do and supporting the nationwide “battle,” but I’ve missed connecting in a particular outpost – knowing names, meeting needs, and watching over time as students grow in Jesus.

(There were moments during the trip – rare, but occasional – when I actually got to serve in various college ministries. Whenever that opportunity came, I was absolutely thrilled – whether I was speaking or setting up or driving a van or greeting visitors or in some other way simply participating in our great calling.)

And now… I’m pretty excited, because as of this week, I’m back in the thick of it, back on the ground, back participating in the actual practice of college ministry.

I’m still pursuing my main call, which continues to be helping develop the whole “ministry field” called college ministry. But that call doesn’t mean I can’t love on some particular students and support some particular leaders, too.

And that’s what I get to do by simply plugging in as a volunteer at my new church here in Dallas. I had a blast this week helping set up for the weekly college ible study, attending a volunteers’ meeting, and meeting some students and some leaders. I’m happy as a clam, playing my little part in helping this thing happen. It’s so good.

So good.

A wise college ministry lifer once commented that she finds it questionable when people serve as regional or national college ministry leaders without continuing to connect in actual ministry to actual students. While God’s call and our seasons can vary along these lines, I certainly understand that principle.

For those of you who have been in the thick of it during the last 21 months, plugging away in your own mission to campus tribes, I hope you are thankful. Whether you’re a volunteer, a student leader, or a college minister, be ye glad. Not all of us have had that profound opportunity.

I’m so glad to be joining you once again.

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