big idea #7: help students transition to college

Continuing the “Big Idea” series on potentially transformative college ministry ideas, I arrive at #7:

Help students transition to college.

As you may have picked up from previous posts, some key assumptions underlie my discussion of the “Transitions” topic:

  • Unsuccessful assimilation of Christian high school kids into collegiate spiritual community is one of the biggest problems facing college ministry
  • This issue is not primarily the responsibility of college ministers, but of those impacting high school students (parents, youth pastors, pastors, etc.)
  • But college ministers can still help this happen – and happen better
  • I think helping this happen could radically transform both students’ lives and our own ministries

This is a topic I’ve talked about before, but I certainly think it’s important enough to include in this Big Idea series. So instead of rehashing, here’s an annotated list that might be helpful for reading (my thoughts, at least) about this vital topic:

70% of Church Kids Don’t Stick Around: Penned right before my big trip, this describes a key study that details just how big a problem “Transitions” is.

At the Hinge: An argument for getting involved with college students before they’re college students.

Fish Transish: Multiple ideas for helping new students transition, for application by college ministers or to pass on to your local friendly youth ministry peeps.

January is for Seniors?: Connecting with high school seniors before they’re college students.

Helping Fish Transish: A possible teaching series for preparing new college students.

Three Ways Recruitment is Ministry: Why our recruitment actually helps students transition well.

5 Ways College Ministers Can Cheat: Five ways to be involved with high school students to help prepare them for college.

Summer Students and the Awkward Dovetail: Various thoughts for churches working with home-grown students in the summertime.

Low-Hanging Grease: Why working on Transitions helps people care more about college ministry in general.

Orientation (A Reflection): An essay reminding us just how important successful transition is.

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