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More reasons Veritas Forum provides a cool model for your everyday, classic college ministry. (If you’re lost, I would start with the post from two days ago.)

Intentionality. You can’t get away from the fact that VF seems to be awfully thought-out. If you get a chance, take a look at their fairly extensive About Page (and subpages) and their “Guidebook.”

Here’s my question: Could you write something like that for your ministry? I don’t mean, Have you? but Could you?

I would argue that it should take several pages to explain (fully) the identity and practices of a college ministry, at least once it’s been developed. Because we really should be able to express the reasons, the discoveries, the steps, and the strategies that have led us to where we are.

Freebies. The Veritas Media page is a stinking treasure trove. So many talks… so many great speakers… (You should point your students to it. This is amazing.)

It sometimes surprises us when ministries give stuff away – especially when it’s something (like seminars) that others will charge $5 a talk for (not that that’s wrong). Yet even though Veritas could probably figure out a way to monetize their massive collection of top-notch recordings, they instead give them away for free.

You may already give some stuff – like your messages – away to students. But are there other items that might benefit not only students but other college ministries? What about your T-shirt designs? Or a great method you’ve discovered? Or even your student leaders, who might be really good at helping another ministry on a particular project? Sharing is caring…

Cooperation. I knew that Veritas sometimes involves multiple campus ministries, but apparently they actually require it (at least when possible). If you haven’t seen the comment from my friend Matt on yesterday’s post, check it out. Very informative, with even more ways Veritas seems to excel.

I haven’t multi-ministry cooperation at the “ground level” too often, but I love it when college ministries do decide to work together toward common ends. What about your ministry – is there something you could do with another ministry? And I don’t mean just an event or one-time activity, although that can be great. But what about a regular activity, too? Just something to think about.

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