catching up on resources

I’ve been discussing resources in this series.

Though this will be review for some of you, I wanted to post some of the online resources I personally stay connected with for college ministry purposes. I regularly connect with some of these; others are things I’m just sort of “watching” because they matter to our field.

There are other great resources out there, but maybe this can be a good “primer.”

We all know there really aren’t very many online college ministry resources (blogs, networks, podcasts, etc.) out there. But if you have others that you like, PLEASE add them in the comments. I know about some others, but I don’t love recommending stuff that I haven’t used.

So, in no particular order (really – it’s just as they come to mind), some first resources:

  1. Ivy Jungle Campus Ministry Update (subscribe here; old ones here)
  2. Ed Stetzer’s blog
  3. Chuck Bomar’s “College Ministry Thoughts” blog
  4. Catalyst Space
  5. Church Relevance
  6. Rhett Smith’s blog
  7. Threads
  8. Growing Leaders
  9. Tim Elmore’s blog
  10. Ascent Network and UPC Seattle’s University Ministry
  11. Seth Godin’s blog
  12. Fuller Youth Institute and their e-journal
  13. Neue Ministry
  14. College Union
  15. Lifeway Research and the Lifeway Research Update

And, as a books-ful bonus…

I’m looking forward to College Ministry 101; I’m in the middle of reading Lost and Found and Free Prize Inside. Reviews to come. [Here’s the review of Free Prize Inside.]

You should have a copy of Talbot’s Christian Education Journal from Spring 2008

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