means of collaboration

Before leaving behind Big Idea #3 in the series , I wanted to give some new pointers (and point to some old thoughts) about collaboration.

quick thoughts on personal collaboration (one-on-one or group meetings)

  • This can happen formally (“Can I pick your brain over coffee sometime?”) or informally (“Can I ask you a few questions?” when you’re already hanging out).
  • Of course, it could be that both of you (or all of you) are there to pick each other’s brains. Some of the most productive collaboration comes during purposeful, free-for-all discussions.
  • Hopefully you can find a ministry partner or two that really spur you on in this way on a regular basis, as you occasionally encourage each other with your newest wisdoms, experiences, and methods.
  • A big encouragement to collaborate in this way (with lots of ideas for questions to ask) was posted back here.

quick thoughts on ministry visits

  • Visiting other college ministries is not as hard or awkward as it seems like it might be. Trust me, I’ve done this a few times!
  • Make sure, if you’re visiting local ministries, the ministers understand you’re not spying in a competitive sense. Of course, if you’ve built relationship with those guys or gals already, that shouldn’t be a problem.

quick thoughts on training opportunities

  • I just posted some of the coming-soon training opportunities here.
  • Of course, training opportunities don’t all have to be college ministry-focused. Catalyst is an obvious example of a helpful event, but there are plenty of local, regional, and national opportunities to grow as ministers.

quick thoughts on resources (books, articles, blogs, etc.)

  • Same as the last point: There obviously aren’t too many college ministry resources out there, but we should train ourselves to learn from a wide array of Christian and even secular works.
  • I listed the books (with annotations) that have most impacted my Collegiate Ministry efforts; here’s that post.
  • I’ll do my best to keep you abreast of any such resources here. In fact, I think I’ll do an update on that issue tomorrow. (Here that is.) Meanwhile, feel free to explore the categories under “resources” in the category list (probably on the left of your screen).

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