big idea #3: collaborate, collaborate, collaborate

Next up in this series on transformative college ministry practices is one that has pretty much been my life for the last year and a half:

Collaborate, collaborate, collaborate.

I continue to preach the glories of collaboration because I genuinely believe that exploring other ministries will make our own ministries better.

While there may be a few people out there who are “natural talents” in college ministry, unless you’re willing to claim that, you need influences. Artists check out other artists’ art. Coaches check out other coaches’ strategies. Authors read other authors’ books. Every instance of collaboration opens up new possibilities, new thoughts, new critiques, new questions, new wisdom.

That’s why I say this stuff is transformative. It really is. If you’re a college minister, collaboration is one thing I would highly encourage fostering an addiction to. It will change your ministry.

I walked away from nearly every interview (of the hundreds) during the big road trip having learned something new. Honestly. As a result, I have about a billion ideas to apply to individual college ministries – and having those ideas helps me brainstorm new ideas, too.

All because of God’s work through collaboration. Remember, He encourages that “wisdom through many counselors” thing.

I won’t belabor the point further, but here are some types of this collaboration:

  1. Personal collaboration (one-on-one or group meetings)
  2. Ministry visits
  3. Training opportunities
  4. Resources (books, articles, blogs, etc.)

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