big idea #2: it’s great

A second big idea for college ministers is a pretty simple one:

It’s great to be a college minister.

Remember, the point of the “Big Idea” series is that these ideas really might just transform a ministry when they’re applied. And I honestly believe there’s a need for us to remember that this calling – if indeed we are called – is a phenomenal call.

We’re called as missionaries, as pioneers, as ministers in the very hinge of many people’s lives. We hold back those staggering towards slaughter; we stoke fires God lit long ago; we add wisdom to the zealous; we proclaim truth in some of the darkest parts of our nation; we welcome each new generation into its independence and thus serve as watchmen for the entire Body of Christ.

What could be better?

Do you believe that it’s great to be a college minister? How does that affect your ministry?

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