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As I noted yesterday, I got to speak recently on Ten Ideas that could possibly transform a college ministry. While there will be posts on other topics scattered throughout the next few weeks, I figured I’d let those 10 “big ideas” serve as the backbone for awhile here on the blog.

If someone you know should be reading this blog, this might be a great time for them to jump in!

Big Idea #1: College ministry is missions.

If you’ve been around the blog for awhile or listened to the podcast or chatted with me anytime in the last 8 months, you’ve probably heard me emphasize this point. It remains my thesis. Our approach to college ministry is (or should be) far more like Christians’ approach to missions than our approach to youth ministry or other areas of classic “Christian Education.”

How can this realization transform a present college ministry?

For one thing, it puts an extremely high priority on contextualization. After visiting 181 campuses last year and plenty more before and since, it seems to me that college campuses are a lot like tribes. So in Texas we serve a tribe called Aggies or a tribe called Longhorns or the Thunderducks tribe or the Comets tribe or one of dozens of other tribes in our state.

And though there are some similarities between tribes, campuses are different enough that we have to pay attention. We have to “exegete the culture.” We have to contextualize.

If we realize that college ministry is missions, it might just transform the way we work – and make us work hard – to match our ministry with our context.

Tomorrow, more ways this Big Idea can affect a ministry. But if you really want to dive into “college ministry as missions,” check out the blog category on that topic – there are several posts there already.

Written from New Braunfels, Texas

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  1. Right on, Benson. One of the most important developments in the history of Chi Alpha was our being moved out of the national youth department and into the U.S. missions department of the Assemblies of God. It changed everything – for the better.

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