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I have the awesome chance this weekend to hang out with a great group of guys and gals who minister to college students across the state of Texas. These are church-based college ministers in the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention.

Last night I presented a one-hour breakout session based on what I’ve seen across the country – discussing ten key ideas that might help transform a college ministry.

Now remember, I said I had one hour. So my hope was simply to hit some high points, to get some thinking started, and to encourage further conversation during the weekend. (One representation of the wide range of these ten ideas is the number of categories I had to choose for this blog post.)

I’m not ridiculous enough to believe that any of these ideas is actually “transformative” by itself. But based on what I’ve seen, I do strongly believe that if God wants to apply these ways-of-thinking to a college ministry, the ministry really might be dramatically impacted.

So I wanted to upload my notes, which contain the Ten Ideas plus a few subpoints. While some of it will be review if you’re a regular reader, I hope you find these thoughts helpful to your own ministry situation. (While most points are completely applicable to any branch of ministry, please remember that this was originally written for church-based college ministers.)

Here’s the handout.

[Actually, I ended up writing a whole bunch of posts to flesh this out! The basic list is below, but you can find a quick synopsis for each post at the Wrap-up here.]

  • Big Idea #1: College ministry is missions. (Post one, two, three, four)
  • Big Idea #2: It’s great to be a college minister. (Post one, two)
  • Big Idea #3: Collaborate, collaborate, collaborate. (Post one, two, three)
  • Big Idea #4: Figure out churchmanship. (Post one, two)
  • Big Idea #5: Help students connect with the biblical whys. (Post one, two)
  • Big Idea #6: Beware unhealthy ministry. (Post one, two, three)
  • Big Idea #7: Help students transition to college. (One post with links to others)
  • Big Idea #8: Help students transition from college. (Post one, two, three, four, five)
  • Big Idea #9: Think about niches. (Post one, two, three)
  • Big Idea #10: Build your best campus mission. (Post one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight)
  • The Wrap-up

Originally written from T Bar M Resort & Conference Center, New Braunfels, Texas

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