seven areas in which we can pretty easily help students save money, save time, or avoid frustrations

  1. Testing out of college classes
  2. Connecting with future roommates and other housing options on campus / in the community
  3. Finding cheap textbooks
  4. Learning to cook
  5. Finding good local jobs
  6. Choosing their church
  7. Carpooling long or short distances


  1. Christian Williams

    Ben Hines, the master of testing out of college classes! You should do a post(s) on that subject. This is a good list. I’m hoping to create a series of workshops on “life skills” subjects (like cooking, budgeting, car maintenance) to benefit our current students and serve as an entry point for not-yet Christians. Hope to see you in New Braunfels this weekend.

  2. You will definitely see me in New Braunfels this weekend. I’m glad you’re going – I was wondering just last week if you’d be there. I’m glad you will be; I look forward to hearing about the church.

    Awesome idea of using workshops as an entry point – I love that.

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