additional appropriation

When there aren’t all that many seminary courses discussing Collegiate Ministry, what’s a boy (or girl) to do?

Appropriation. Take some of those other courses, and make ’em apply.

I listed a few such courses yesterday; here are others that might be advisable for future/present college ministers – even some courses available at the undergraduate level. (So keep that in mind for your student leaders, too!)

5. Creativity

There are such courses – I recently saw one in the Dallas Theological Seminary catalog, taught by no other than Howard Hendricks. I bet there are even some secular courses out there that fit this bill. I certainly feel like we could use more creativity within the college ministry ranks… and the college campus is a canvas that loves creativity.

6. Advertising / Public Relations / Journalism

Another one of the courses I just “happened” to take at Texas A&M was Public Relations. The skills gained in classes like these will still last a lifetime; college ministers pretty regularly need to advertise, need to engage in public relations, and need to write. And though I’ve lumped these three fields together here, there are plenty of reasons each can come in handy at different times, too.

7. Other reglions / cults / Christianity from another perspective

Obviously, learning about these things can be beneficial for any future minister, but that’s particularly true for college ministers – with the plethora of religious expressions on campuses.

By “Christianity from another perspective,” I primarily mean discussions of Christianity on secular campuses. The “Bible as Literature” course I took at Texas A&M was invaluable, particularly when taught by a Jewish prof.

As for the discussion of cults, this kind of course could be ultra-helpful if you can find it. There is plenty of unhealthy / imbalanced ministry taking place on our campuses right now, and for all we know, we’re ripe for another Boston Church of Christ or similarly destructive incident. With an underdeveloped field of ministry, we’re particularly unprepared to counter such movements until it’s too late.

8. Media / Web / Communications

This is getting easy, right? Same thought as #6 – we talk a lot, we make web sites, we use media a lot. It couldn’t hurt to take a class or two.

Written from home (I’m back and exhausted – but it was a great trip!)

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