course #4: being our best

The fourth course I got to observe was entitled, “The Collegiate Minister.” It’s being taught the second half of this week at Midwestern Seminary, 28 more hours of college ministry education on top of the 28 that made up “Developing an Effective Collegiate Ministry.” That’s quite a week of class for some of these students.

I didn’t need quite the same stamina, since I only got to sit in on the first hours of this fourth course. After some phenomenal time with several area college ministers yesterday (and one more meeting to come this morning), I’m heading south.

But from what I could tell, this last class of my seminary tour hits at the heart of the matter: who the college minister should be as a person and a minister. This is certainly a seminary course on the “Christian Education” side of things, as opposed to a more formal theoretical approach to collegiate ministry. Still – whether through seminary or books or training from other sources – these are truths we need, too. College ministers need integrity, a passionate walk with the Lord, a solid approach to ministry, a love for people, and a million guards against the rampant temptations of our mission fields.

Are we ready?

The explorations of Road Trip #9 aren’t done, though the seminary classes are. I’ll post what I’ve learned when I can; it’s been an extremely valuable trip.

Written from Kansas City

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