course #3: developing a college ministry

The course I began attending last night at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary is entitled, “Developing an Effective Collegiate Ministry.” This is – believe it or not – one of two college ministry courses they’re cramming into this week. Basically their sched works out as something like 10 hours a day, Monday through Saturday, for a total of 4 credit hours. The second course of the week starts on Thursday.

It’s really not a bad plan for getting some college ministry education in; students (and profs) just need stamina!

Meanwhile, you may have noticed that this is already more college ministry teaching than nearly ALL other seminaries offer. But get this – MBTS actually offers nine 2-credit-hour Collegiate Ministry courses within their MDiv concentration (not including 9 more internship hours). I don’t know of any other seminary that comes close to 18 hours of actual classes.

Both of this week’s courses are overseen by Dr. Max Barnett, who was the director of the Baptist  Student Union at the University of Oklahoma for (only!) 37 years. Dr. Barnett is a true college ministry “lifer” like few others, and he now serves as professor of Collegiate Ministry at both MBTS and its sister seminary in Ft. Worth.

But, his oversight doesn’t mean he teaches each lecture or course. This “Developing” course is being taught by longtime college minister and the present Collegiate Ministry Specialist for the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma, John Strappazon.

The approach of this course appears to be a highly practical, even step-by-step, discussion of college ministry skills, situations, and principles. There are so many treasures of wisdom from the years of experience these guys have… this format allows them to share that: with methods, paradigms, examples, stories, and immediate, strong answers to questions.

More to come. What a great two weeks this is turning out to be.

Written at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Kansas City

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