they will look it up. right now.

I had a re-revelation the other evening, during the college ministry course at Asbury.

Dr. Kiesling was particularly awesome and put my blog up on the board for our class. Immediately, both class members on either side of me had the site up, and within 5 minutes I had a Facebook request from one of ’em.

In my class at Beeson, similar things were happening; the prof would mention something, or someone would mention a fact they were uncertain about, and within a minute somebody would have looked it up.

I had realized the prevalence of internetability before, but this time it struck home in a new way. That very same readiness-to-surf that can characterize a classroom and its laptops can now characterize any learning environment because of iPhones and other internetty phones.

Do you mention being unsure about some fact during your message?

Do you mention a web site they should visit, or a podcast you like?

Do you need to know what’s on the school calendar the week of January 26th?

Are you saying something that sounds sketchy or plain unbelievable?

Do you mention your own blog or Facebook?

Your college students will look it up. Right now.

How then shall we live?

Posted from Louisville, KY (I finished up at Asbury; I’ll be in Kansas City on Monday)

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