course number two: asbury seminary

My second venue on this Seminary Road Trip is Asbury Theological Seminary in Wilmore, KY.

This course, the “Campus Ministry Seminar” facilitated by Dr. Chris Kiesling, is an annual opportunity to expose Asbury students to guest lecturers and special topics. Not all topics are directly “collegiate,” but they can certainly be applied. The course (at least this time around) is one credit hour, held in two marathon sessions Friday night and Saturday morning.

This weekend’s seminar is being delivered by Matt Russell and Gregg Taylor, primarily discussing their work at Mercy Street, a “safe harbor” community / church in Houston. Mercy Street is particularly dedicated to providing a congregation for those recovering from addictions, bad church experiences, and other deep hurts. Gregg was previously at the Wesley Foundation at University of Arkansas for 18 years, and Matt has college ministry ties, as well.

While the Beeson course was a Collegiate Ministry introduction, this is a chance to observe an entirely different type of course. When all is said and done after next week, I’ll have three or four types of courses to chat about.

More about ATS and Dr. Kiesling:

The other components of Collegiate Ministry education at Asbury Seminary include a standard college ministry course, as well as Dr. Kiesling annually attending a college ministry conference with students.

Dr. Kiesling was featured in that Christian Education Journal issue I was so excited about; his article was entitled, “A Long Adolescence in a Lame Direction: What Should We Make of the Changing Structure and Meaning of Young Adulthood?” You can actually read it at beginning here; the second half is here.

Written at Asbury Theological Seminary, Wilmore, KY

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