what super heroes might look like

More thoughts on possible super-sized heroes for Collegiate Ministry… just ideas on what that could look like… feel free to add your own…

An existing national ministry: There are several denominations, networks, and parachurch college ministries right now that could choose to help college ministry throughout Christendom – if they felt God was calling them to use their resources in that way. This would mean the national group researches, resources, and encourages college ministry in ways that helps their own denomination / network / ministry while also helping everybody else.

This Kingdom-mindedness is not unheard of in other ministry areas.

A seminary: A seminary could choose to champion college ministry, perhaps through some sort of “College Ministry Institute.” (What better place, since our mission field is so academic?)

A successful local ministry: Or perhaps some individual college ministries around the U.S. could rise up as pioneer leaders in this important field. A campus-based or church-based college ministry, after success and creativity in their own context, could help others do the same.

A few ministries – including University Presbyterian Church in Seattle and The Well in Colorado Springs – have already begun to do this.

A new national ministry: Or, it’s certainly possible that a heroic effort on behalf of college ministry may need to arise from a new organization altogether, a “Youth Specialties” for Collegiate Ministry here in the twenty-first century. This kind of independent organization could serve as a think tank, a resource producer, a collaborative network, a fundraiser, and a rallying cry for college ministry – across the branches of our field, across denominational lines, and throughout the country.

Or, E) All of the Above: Ultimately, as we’ve seen in international missions work, we may thrive via several catalytic agencies proclaiming the value of college ministry and helping increase its effectiveness.

Written from Birmingham, AL

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