perhaps some super-sized heroes, too

A month ago, I wrote about the need for individual college ministry heroes. Hundreds of local Christians – pastors, parents, etc. – who care about reaching college students and stick up for it in their own contexts.

But I keep thinking we may even need a giant hero or two.

In the 1960s, youth pastors Mike Yaconelli and Wayne Rice began fighting for Youth Ministry to be better valued by churches. (Read the history here.)

It seems to have worked. Their eventual organization, Youth Specialties, helped catapult Youth Ministry to its position today, as one of American churches’ primary (and best-supported) ministries. Youth Specialties has been a catalyst on two fronts: helping Christians care about Youth Ministry, and helping Youth Ministry happen better.

Collegiate ministry may be best served in the same way – by a “super-sized hero,” an organization devoted to proclaiming the value of college ministry and helping our field develop. Right now, I don’t know of anybody who has found that niche, but I’m hoping as Christians care more about college ministry that either a new organization will be raised up or a present organization will receive enough attention.

Assuming, of course, this is actually what we need. But after all I’ve seen, it seems to me like it would be really helpful.

(Thoughts on what who these super-sized heroes could be in the next post.)

[I promise, this is not a soft introduction to some ministry I’m planning on starting. That’s not my gig, at least at the moment.]

Written from Birmingham, Alabama

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