on the road again (again)

When I prepared to title this blog post, I realized I’d already used the cliché “On the Road Again” title a few months ago. In that case, I was heading to Catalyst on my first big road trip following the BIG road trip. I guess I take a lot of road trips.

But the title is appropriate, because this weekend I leave for my first big college ministry-oriented road trip of 2009! (It’s actually my ninth big, solo road trip since 2004. Since I’ve never posted that list, I’ll probably do that tomorrow. [Here’s that post.])

This trip’s theme? Graduate Training for Collegiate Ministry. Here’s what has come together so far:

  1. Birmingham, Alabama: I’ve got the phenomenal opportunity to teach within Matt Kerlin’s Campus Ministry course at Beeson Divinity School on January 6th. I’ll be instructing students on the national college ministry scene and what I’ve learned about successful college ministry. I also plan to attend some more of his course.
  2. Wilmore, Kentucky: The weekend after that (Jan. 9-10), I’m sitting in on the entire Campus Ministry Seminar facilitated by Chris Kiesling at Asbury Theological Seminary.
  3. Kansas City, Missouri: Finally, during the next week I’ll be attending portions of two more college ministry courses with Max Barnett at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

I am really looking forward to this. My hope is to take this opportunity to highlight and celebrate the role seminaries can play in the field of college ministry. I deeply believe that more graduate training will help advance our field, and I hope my trek can call attention to that fact!

I’ll keep you posted. Please be praying for opportunities, education, and safety during the next two weeks. And if you’re roughly in my driving line, I may have a little time to connect with people along the way. Let me know if you want to get together!

Bonus: if you haven’t seen it recently, I’ve been updating the list of seminaries and graduate schools that offer something (anything at all) for college ministry training. I would love any additions you might know about.

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