caring at Christmas like heroes

It’s probably good for us to remember that Christmas can be a rough time for lots and lots of people – including our students. In fact, they’re particularly susceptible; for college students, Christmastime is a time of schedule-disruption and community-disruption. They will also be around family, which can be good or bad. They may also be around old friends and old haunts, which can be great or awful. And that same potential for depression or elation also comes with grade reports, extra free time, and plans for the spring.

Have you thought about checking in with your students, even in the coming crazy week? Maybe those should be students coming home for the holidays; maybe they’ll be those going home; maybe they’re students who stayed close to home for school – but who still face potential Christmas doldrums. Some may need individual love, but even a mass message could work wonders (didn’t the Apostle Paul use those?).

(Chuck Bomar offers some specific thoughts on caring for students returning home.)

Wherever they might be located, our students face minimal shepherding and potential hardship in the next two weeks.

Cue the heroes!

(That’s you.)

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