who has told them any differently?

I noted yesterday that college ministries are, at times, evaluated harshly by overseers who don’t understand how best to assess this specialized area.

But there’s a rhythm drumming inside my head that cuts those overseers some slack. It goes something like this:

Who has told them any differently?

So far, how many Christian opinion leaders are helping pastors see college ministry differently from, say, youth ministry?

What “best practices” for evaluating college ministries have been included in ministry magazines, academic journals, leadership conferences, or textbooks?

How many future Christian leaders are learning these things in seminary?

How many education ministers have training in the unique theory and practice of Collegiate Ministry?

How many denominational leaders, Christian college presidents, regional leaders, parents, direct financial supporters, or others with a say in overseeing college ministry have heard accurate, well-reasoned information along this line? Have they heard the need to judge college ministries by the rules of college ministry (and with the specific context of the particular ministry in mind)? And not the rules of youth ministry, general Christian education, or other ministry areas we’re more familiar with?

Until they hear, it’s hard to blame them when they judge us awkwardly.

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