It’s easy to assume that college ministry works as a “take the ball and run with it” ministry. Or maybe a “throw everything against the wall and see what sticks” ministry. Or a “just get in there and love ’em” ministry.

While God grows many great things from humble, unstrategized beginnings, I’m not sure any of these options is our best plan for stewarding the campus missions God has given us.

The practice of college ministry is a really specialized undertaking, perhaps moreso than most other areas of ministry. At each step along the way, we face idiosyncrasies that require much more than “Christian common sense.” (And this is all the more true when faced with actually starting a college ministry.)

We would never, ever do Missions in India without first getting a major dose of Missions-in-India training. That’s true even for those who might have done Missions elsewhere. (So it’s certainly true for those with little or no Missions experience at all.)

In the same way, college ministry begs for specialized wisdom (even for ministers familiar with other areas). Not only are we dealing with a (very) specific time of life, each individual college ministry serves a different culture within a different context. Meanwhile, student turnover means things change more quickly for us in college ministry… so old knowledge gets OLD a lot faster.

Good thing we have a God whose wisdom and direction we can receive.

Good thing there are plenty of college ministers out there whose brains we can pick.

(Over and over again, on both counts.)

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