objections & objections to objections

Some stuff I was thinking about yesterday.

The top five objections for college ministry (on campus or in the church):

    1. The short time frame and transitory nature of the college years
    2. Past difficulties experienced by the organization when trying to reach college students
    3. Not enjoying the fruits of our labors, because students graduate and move on from us
    4. The hedonistic, “barbaric” nature of collegiate culture
    5. The financial cost involved, without receiving financial return (this is, sadly, the most common one I hear)

      The easiest way to counter most objections is with one of these three responses:

      • the same is true for missions, and we care deeply about that…
      • the same is true for youth ministry, and we care deeply about that… OR
      • all the better reason to go after strategic college ministry with gusto!

      Those won’t cover everything. But most.

      Any thoughts? Suggestions? Additions? Subtractions? Multiplications?

      [A more detailed answers to objection #3 can be found here.]


      1. Your comment on missions is right on. That is why we, in MO, are reshaping the language when we speak of college ministry. We call our campus ministers “campus missionaries.” A lot of our training is basic missiological principles. We converse with church planters and former international missionaries. Both NAMB and Crusade call the college campus the second largest mission field in N. America (behind multi-housing complexes).

      2. Excellent – I know thinking this way has helped me out, too, and I enjoy seeing college ministers light up when they realize that they’re missionaries.

        Richard, I appreciate that you added “and what we should expect.” That tends to be one of the most encouraging aspects of the missiological understanding. Roadblocks – grumpy campus administrations, struggles drawing students, moral failure, and the billion of other things – are way easier to face when we realize it’s par for the course… we are MISSIONARIES, after all.

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