a lot of models

I’m working through the different models for college ministry I’ve seen.

Here’s what I’ve got from a quick brainstorming. (For some, this may just be an interesting list, with the amazing diversity already present in Collegiate Ministry. But I would also love to add to this list if you can think of more.)

These are overall models, not methods. Or at least that’s what I’m aiming for (it’s hard to be exact here!).

  • Traditional parachurch campus-based ministries
  • Traditional denominational (or network / fellowship) campus-based ministries
  • Traditional church-based ministries
  • Spiritual Life departments of Christian colleges
  • Churches tightly partnering with campus-based ministries (combining ministry in some way)
  • Multiple college ministries combining together directly
  • Campus Outreach, a national campus-based ministry that “franchises” its ministries and places them under the oversight of local churches
  • Collegiate churches, focused on reaching college students (only or primarily)
  • Niche-based ministries focused on reaching a particular segment of the campus population (such as future educators, international students, fraternities and sororities, or athletes)
  • Coalition for Christian Outreach, a national college ministry that empowers ministers to target a different niche in every city they reach
  • Christian housing ministries located near (or on) college campuses
  • Ministries that purposefully fulfill only part of students’ discipleship needs (complementing the work of others)
  • Christian fraternities and sororities
  • Stand-alone large-group worship services (“area-wide” Bible studies)
  • Independent ministries by students (dorm Bible studies, one-on-one discipleship, etc.)

I’m not sure I love this list, and I’m not sure these are all true models. But it’s a start! And I’m sure there are more that I’m not thinking of right now.

Feel free to help!

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