heroes needed

College ministry needs lots of heroes. The spread and improvement of college ministry will happen because hundreds of individual Christians help it happen.

We need parents to decide they want more for their college students. We need pastors and other church leaders to look beyond the walls to the local campuses – and to remember the students they send away to school, too. We need future ministers to respond to a call to this collegiate mission – for a season or for a lifetime.

There will be other heroes, too: High schoolers who spend the next few years pushing their leaders, so those kids enter college with a great college ministry to support them. Church members who broker cooperation between local college ministries. College administration members, faculty, and staff who help campus ministries to thrive. Community members who simply “start something” to fill a spiritual need on their local campus. Generous Christians who give. Church members who volunteer – in church or on the campus. Pioneers and entrepreneurs who start the big things and little things that help campus missions to thrive.

Some heroes may do huge, obvious, field-affecting things.

Many heroes will change their local campus tribe, with changes that last forever.

Either way.

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