I ended up reading this blog post today; it’s about the power of testimonials in marketing, with tips on how to present those testimonials. The post is short, so take a look if you can and think about those ideas in the context of college ministry.

I know not all corporate marketing ideas are applicable to ministry (including college ministry), but… I’m intrigued. I guess since I haven’t often seen advertisements for particular college ministries that actually promote the ministry, I’m having a hard time picturing how testimonials would be used. On the web site? On a poster? In a Facebook page? At a booth?

And following that stream of consciousness has me thinking about the difference between describing a ministry (with helpful facts about the great stuff we do) and promoting a ministry (with actual arguments for the ministry’s value to YOU, the student).

Both are advertising methods, but I think we do a lot more of the former than the latter. I’m not sure I understand why.


  1. we’ve found that doing student testimonies in our large-group setting are a great way to help newer students catch the vision. We might have one student share every week – sometimes in person, sometimes on video – and we mix it in with worship or teaching depending on where it fits best.

    I guess a question is, are we giving testimonials about the difference GOD is making in my life, or the difference CAMPUS MINISTRY is making?? We ask students to answer the question about what GOD is doing….but it inevitably comes back to how GOD is using Campus Ministry to do the transforming, so I think it can answer both.

  2. Good point, Gretchen. Thanks for that.

    In my delirium at 2am last night, I forgot that one place testimonials do show up regularly is in some personal testimonies at large group meetings. I know Campus Crusade uses them, and apparently y’all do, too!

    Good stuff.

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