a season for SOMETHING

Thoughts for the next two weeks – those cwazy, cwazy final weeks, before all the little kiddies take big tests and then go away.

    1. You could make a splash. While every other activity on campus is winding down, what if your ministry did something ultra-noticeable? Fun? Surprising? Random?
    2. You could serve your heart out. These are weeks when students need everything from Scantrons to car tune-ups to counseling about their family situations. Finals brownies are easy, too.
    3. You could have a blast. For example, I’m still waiting for somebody to have a Game Marathon during Finals. (Ingredients: some ongoing, unchanging game(s) where the participants change as people go study or take tests. Keep track of teams and points. Do it right, and I bet you draw a crowd.)
    4. You could connect. Local churches – whether you’re a church-based ministry or not – are all hyped now that we’re in the Holiday Season. How can you connect that energy to the campus?
    5. You could host. Why not host a study day? Why not make some snacks for dorms? Why not have a “study break” party? Why not camp out on campus?
    6. You could teach. Teach about Christmas. Teach about growing during the Break. Teach about “Glorifying God in Finals.” Teach about loving family. Teach in some special venue, or on campus, or as a three-week intensive. Or teach ONE thing to your group – a whole new mini-series right at the end – that will get them ready for a revolutionary Spring.
    7. You could unveil. “Did you see that? I can’t wait until next semester!!!”
    8. You could recruit. Really. Why not? No other organization will be recruiting, but your ministry continues next semester (I’m guessing). Why not add to your ranks now?
    9. You could finish something. Of course, your own best option in these few weeks may simply be to get that particular “to do” item finally finished.

    Happy pre-holidays!

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