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While pondering the weeks that follow Thanksgiving, I had a thought – then I remembered a great Seth Godin post connected to it. His post is definitely worth a read, but here’s the thought for college ministers:

It’s only a week or two before students return home (yet again). Many of us are finishing message series, we’re glad to be finally done with that one long-planned event, we’re working on one last Christmas party, or we’re otherwise closing up shop.

We’re winding down, in other words. (Unless you’re on LA Tech’s weird modified Quarter System. But this thought applies to that awkward school month, too.)

What if instead of winding down you went for broke? What if you worked extra hard and did something BIG during this little season, when everybody else – all those campus activities, all those other ministries, all those students – are somewhat coasting? What if you worked like your hair was on fire, until at last, bleeding and breathless, you collapsed into the glorious rest of Christmas Break? What if?

Want students in your ministry to get excited about the upcoming semester? Create something memorable before Christmas Break, when nobody else will. Want outsiders to consider your ministry in the Spring? Create something remarkable before Christmas Break, when nobody else will.

Maybe this idea doesn’t fit your school or your ministry. But maybe it does. What’s stopping you from doing something rather creative, rather impactful between now and the last day of Finals?

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