as for the benson…

I figured it was high time for an update.

I’ve completely turned in the never-ending thesis, and I will have my MA in Theology on December 12th. Hoorah.

Besides working on that all semester, I’ve been writing about college ministry. I hope to have the first fruits of the Road Trip – a very transferable eBook – released somewhat soon… I’ll keep you posted. I’m working hard. But boiling a year down into a few dozen pages isn’t easy.

And like I said, that will only be the first fruits, the tip of the iceberg. Hopefully.

Meanwhile, a big part of this semester has been realizing that this is simply Year Two of this amazing project. It’s the less fun year, to be sure, and that’s hard. But slowly and steadily, I continue to learn and hope and push and research and read and explore and call Christians to value college ministry. I also continue to connect with amazing people from all over. (I’ve had two great new connections already this week!)

It’s been good to see my homeland – Dallas – with new eyes after the trip. It’s been good reconnecting and connecting with the college ministers who are duking it out for college students here and in Fort Worth. Surprisingly enough, metropolitan Dallas is not the easiest place for college ministry.

Other adventures have included teaching Hamlet to high schoolers, that several-day road trip to Catalyst, thinking hard about getting an iPhone, and getting married. That last one isn’t true, but the rest is.

Thanks for caring. Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

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