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I’ve been posting thoughts on some college ministry “first step” priorities for starting or restarting a college ministry. For the complete series list, see this first post.

I would suggest that another key for building a new college ministry is identifying and developing leaders. In the early days of a ministry, I would give a significant portion of my time and energy to those students who show a desire and/or ability to lead.

In my last opportunity to try this, Semester One included an open call to “leadership training.” That allowed me to:

  • see who was interested in leading
  • grow my relationship with those students
  • discover where those students were spiritually
  • better develop our (potential) future leaders
  • cast a vision for our ministry with key students

This was simply training (the students weren’t actually leading), so I could give an open call. Of course, if there were students clearly ready to lead already, I tried to connect them with leadership opportunities. But getting our future “leadership core” on the same page – with our ministry and with me – was the big focus.

In many ways, training leaders “behind the scenes” won’t feel or look like you’re growing the ministry – at first. But that’s true for much of the foundation-building when we’re starting a college ministry.

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