where the fellas?

I asked my sister what I should write about, and she mentioned the lack of college guys willing to step up as leaders. So here goes.

In case you’re wondering, yes, your ministry is not unique. All over the nation, the girls often outnumber the guys. And both college ministers and female college students are a bit exasperated by the further lack of guys who are willing to lead.

So if your ministry has a good male contingent, be thankful. Help the rest of us understand how it happened.

Of course, this may be something God wants to answer consistent prayers about. I mention that because I was part of a ministry that watched Him do it. The minister and his group deeply hoped for more guys to join their ministry, so they prayed specifically… and God answered. By the next semester, several of us had newly plugged in.

He’s pretty cool like that. And I bet those gals were edified by seeing God answer prayers about us boys.

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