PR and BB: more thoughts for new ministries

Continuing the series on “first step” activities for college ministries…

Two more things I would focus on if I was going to (re)start a college ministry right now are things I’ve discussed before. So I figured I should link to those posts while we’re in this series, with quick explanations of how they apply.

#1: Public Relations (here’s the post)

What? Would I really make PR a priority in the first months?

While I wouldn’t devote too much to it, I would definitely want to keep “public relations” on my radar in the first months / semester / year of a new ministry. The truth is, no matter how great our ministry begins… without supporters (in thought and action), our ministry won’t survive. And college ministry is certainly not the most highly-valued ministry in Christendom, as we all know.

I’ve been burned before, by not helping supporters see the successes of a new ministry.

Linked in that post is a bonus post, with some concrete ideas for college ministry PR.

#2: Barn Building (here’s that post)

This one is a vital principle, a way of thinking, for the first season of a college ministry – as well as every season thereafter. Basically, Barn Building says our first acts should be the ones that will pave the way for our later work.

Few strategies are more important than Barn Building in the first months, and in that post I describe specifically how I’ve used it during that season.

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