it’s missions so we read missions

I finally got a hold of Perspectives on the World Christian Movement, and I just started reading it this week.

It’s a beautiful thing.

I say “finally” because I have been hearing about the glories of the Perspectives class since my time at Texas A&M. Perspectives is an International Missions introduction and catalyzation course taught by trained leaders,  at churches or other places (there are 200 locations in the U.S. alone).

The book I’m reading is their text, a Missions reader that is chock-full of article after article about various aspects of International Missions – history, strategy, modern issues, theology…

And the reason I’m reading it right now is to continue thinking about Collegiate Ministry as Missions. If college ministry is best understood as a missions effort, then missions literature will often apply to what we do.

I’m already getting finding that to be true in this book. The best so far? An article about churches who decide to go beyond normal missions support: how some churches do that well, and some do it poorly. Through a college minister’s lens, it’s all extremely applicable to how churches approach college ministry, too.

So, the morals of this story are…

  • Even though we don’t have too many books of our own, we can still get some great insight from missiological literature
  • Perspectives is an awesome course (or so I have heard for the last decade), including for college students

[More about starting / restarting a college ministry this weekend.]

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