the soft launch

While we’re talking about how to begin a college ministry, of course we want to talk about recruiting students. We’re starting (or restarting) this college ministry, so let’s fill it up!


Honestly, I lean the other way. I haven’t (and wouldn’t usually) focus on recruitment in a ministry that is newly starting or basically “restarting.” There are probably many ministers (and those who oversee them) who differ with me on this, but this is where I lean.

This is, of course, with the recognition that most “new” college ministries have some sort of constituent students already. Rarely do ministries truly start from scratch in an absolute sense, so you have some students to work with (even if it’s a small number).

Most churches, for example, would have college-age students already attending the church (or they probably wouldn’t be thinking about starting a college ministry). I guess a campus-based ministry could possibly begin with absolutely no one connected… but my guess is that situation is rare.

But even with zero students, I would tend to make recruitment of new students a low priority in the beginning of a college ministry. Maybe this lasts a few weeks, maybe a few months, maybe all school year.

For some college ministers, this may be a paradigm-shifting possibility – NOT TRY TO GROW? ARE YOU KIDDING?

Take some time to think about it. I’ll talk about why this is my personal “default setting” tomorrow.

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