gone but not forgotten

I do believe that “away students” are an important audience for college ministry.

Depending on the branch of ministry AND the time of year, “away students” means very different things:

  • For churches, “away students” may include a whole bunch of youth group graduates who go to college in another city.
  • For campus-based ministries, “away students” would be those students who don’t hang around in the summer.
  • Christian colleges, too, have “away students” in the summertime they can choose to disciple from afar.
  • And churches have summertime “away students,” too – a whole different crop from their other group of “away students.”

In every case, it seems a bit simplistic if we just ignore the “offseasons” in students’ lives, especially because

  • a good quarter to a third of the year will be spent outside the normal school year
  • those periods outside of the regular school year have incredible potential for spiritual growth

Since it’s the biggest upcoming break, and since it affects all three branches… What’s your plan for impacting Christmastime away students?

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