part and parcel

A little riff on preparation. And parts and parcels.

Many college students are in a very unique environment during their years in school, so ministry to these individuals must be rather specific to be relevant within the oddity of the campus tribe.

Yet the very act of providing this effective, tailored ministry means students may end up ill-prepared for Christian spirituality in the “real world” following graduation.

That’s UNLESS we see preparation as “part and parcel” of our discipleship of college students.

I have seen a few ministries beginning to focus on preparing students for the post-graduation life. But it’s surprising that most have not seen successful transition as one of our primary tasks all along. If college ministry is a valuable endeavor, it is only because it catapults students into lifelong discipleship (or at least gets them fervently and skillfully headed that way). Evaluation of college ministry must be, at least in part, based on our students’ spiritual success in the decade after they leave our ministries.


  1. I really haven’t seen any, which is a shame. There are some studies that include post-college-age people, but the “base point” is youth group, not college groups.

    Facebooking makes “casual research” on this topic easier, although obviously a Facebook page won’t tell you everything about how someone’s doing.

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