5 ways college ministers can cheat

Want to minister to college students… before they’re even college students? (Isn’t that cheating?)

Here are five ideas:

  1. Chapel. That local Christian high school might, in fact, be hurting for chapel speakers. Why not give a “preparing spiritually for college” talk – or series?
  2. Mini-Conference. What if your ministry hosted a “Getting Ready for College” seminar for local high school students, parents, or both? (Of course, you might just get some great PR benefits, too.)
  3. Youth groups. Whether at your church (or just a church) or in a local youth club (like Young Life), plenty of high schoolers would love to hear wisdom for their approaching “afterlife.” And their youth pastors might appreciate the help!
  4. Small group. Whether it’s one-on-one with a local youth, or sitting down regularly with a group of them, disciplemaking needs to happen in students’ lives… and you offer a special sort of wisdom from the collegiate perspective.
  5. Don’t think this can only be you. I know you’re busy! You’re a college minister! Fortunately, we have the opportunity not only to minister-to-youths-in-light-of-college ourselves, but we get to recruit some stud college students to the same opportunity! Of course some of your student leaders can speak in a chapel service, give a little seminar, teach a youth group, or disciple a high school senior.

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