One of the audiences available to college ministers is the huge number of pre-collegians.

Yeah, I mean youth. High schoolers. Youngsters.

Despite the ease of access to this group and the potential gain from connecting with them, our actual work among those who will be in college is almost non-existent. Which is understandable – they’re not our present target, and we have pretty full calendars as it is.

But I’ve had some chances to connect with ’em through the years, and I see lots of benefits there for the (easy) taking. I had a great chat with some guys and gals about college just the other day, and you could tell they hadn’t often heard the unique take on college that college ministers can offer. (“Where are you thinking about going to college?” can get high school seniors talking for hours…)

I think we college ministers have lots of wisdom they need – thoughts on picking colleges and finding ministries once they’re there, as well as thoughts on future majors and preparation now and life beyond the narrow, presently-overwhelming halls of high school.

And that’s one of the reasons strengthening Collegiate Ministry will strengthen our youth ministries, too.

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