the special election day episode

Three quick hits for this once in a lifetime day:

One of the most intriguing college ministry visits during last year’s trip was to Capitol Hill Baptist‘s Intern Bible study. We went person-by-person, naming our internships. I was definitely odd man out, since there’s no Department of Nationwide Vagabonding. Yet.

Now there’s a cool niche – reaching the massive number of interns that regularly descends on that Washington, D.C. Rapid turnover… busy schedules… but oh, such a chance to influence our nation.

I noticed the church has an Intern Study on the calendar for tonight. Wonder how that’s gonna go.

Two decades ago, colleges had plenty of pre-law majors and Poli Sci students, club presidents and armed forces cadets. What if college ministry had been a priority throughout Christianity then? Do you think Christians would have more candidates, advisers, thinkers, voters, and effectiveness in the campaigns of 2008?

Three years from now, we’ll be thinking about voting for a U.S. President again. And what you’re doing right now to impact college students is affecting that future – and the future three decades from now, too. Keep it up. It’s changing everything.


And of course, by “once in a lifetime” at the top, I mean a collegiate lifetime. Most of our students only get one Presidential election during college, so hopefully it works out as a teachable moment!

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