we need a hero

The three churches mentioned yesterday reflect an element I’ve seen before: the “college ministry champion.” This legendary individual appears in many forms, but he or she is often a real requirement for a college ministry to take off, whether on a campus or in a church.

A champion in the first church, Southcliff Baptist in Fort Worth, has been the college minister himself. By staying around for a few years and strategizing for the long haul, my friend Spencer has seen real progress over time.

In the second church, another major Baptist church in the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex, the champion is a member of the church leadership. And though this champion isn’t the Senior Pastor, he’s worked to convince others that the church should reach college students in a powerful way.

The third church, Christ Chapel Bible Church in Fort Worth, probably has a few champions. However, as you probably noticed yesterday, Senior Pastor Ted is certainly on board, with his bold proclamation that these student are worth the investment, even if students move away after graduation.

College ministry is never a “given” these days – not for any church, and not for other groups as they look to start ministries on campuses. That’s why they need champions – pastors or parents, ministers or students, denominational leaders, church administrators, school administrators, community members…

Want a ministry to start on your campus? You might just need a hero. And if you see a ministry that seems to be rockin’ and rollin’, look closely – you might just see signs that a champion has been there.

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