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Here’s the “aha” moment I had while reading yesterday’s article (and it’s far from profound).

Of surveyed executives, 81% agree that each generation has “specific work and marketplace needs.” But, as I noted yesterday, the execs are rather split on how much to focus on this group in the here and now.

Because of course, these companies also have a huge crop of potential customers in the older generations. So the shift to newer methods is moving slowly, because these organizations have SO MANY non-Millennials still connecting. So we can forgive them if they’re dragging their feet. While being too slow in this area would put their companies’ futures in jeopardy, changing too quickly could alienate a huge portion of their market.

In fact, Millennials compose a 25% or less of the present clientele in most of the companies surveyed.

But that’s when my “aha” moment came.

Our “clientele” is 100% Millennials.

NO portion of our mission field (except for nontraditional students) is outside of the Millennial Generation.

Of course, this is not big news. But if that’s really true, then we don’t have the luxury of waiting for Millennial aptitude like a multi-generational organization does. If there is any shifting to be done for the new generation, that shifting is already late.

I’ve wrongly viewed my own ministry work as still shifting, slowly but surely, from Gen-X to Millennial, thinking that I’ll catch up with the new generation as I’m forced to. I guess that’s the view of these companies, too. But they have LOTS of customers who were born before 1982. So they get some flexibility here.

Not me. Not us.

If we want to straddle the fence between 2 generations, our options this year are serving Young Adults (22-29 or whatever), Median Adults (is that what they’re called?), or Senior Adults, where the oldest Boomers now fraternize with members of the “Greatest Generation.”

But not in college ministry. Not today. Not ’til 2019 or so, when the Global Generation (?) begins to enter college. Nowadays, they’re all Millennials. And connecting with them brilliantly is what we’re called to do.

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