maturing with the millennials

Recently released, an interesting report from The Economist researching the effects of the ENORMOUS Millennial Generation on organizations (or “organisations,” since they’re British): “Maturing with the Millennials: Are Organisations Prepared for the Millennial Consumer?”

Since we also deal with Millennials, it’s some pretty relevant stuff. There’s plenty of info, including lots of graphs and such in the 21-page pdf. They’ve put together a “webcast,” too.

By way of summary: The report details the unique preferences and needs of the Millennial generation, as recognized by business executives from around the world. As the report notices, however, many organizations have moved slowly in adapting their companies to the changing demographics. These execs are also split on whether or not to invest heavily in reaching this upcoming generation, rather than focusing more on the “established,” older generations. (Does any of this sound familiar for Christian ministry?)

While we as Christian ministers certainly think about any generation as more than just “consumers” for our “products,” it is quite helpful to understand what connects best with the generation that now includes ALL of our college students (unless they’re 26 or so).

I’ll write more on what I notice [click here for that post], and I’d love to hear your thoughts on the article, too.

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Bonus: Discussion on one segment of the article at Church Relevance.

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