the R&D of the capital C

A bold statement has been rolling around in my head the past week or two:

College ministry is the R&D of the Church.

*”R&D” = research & development, a division found in some organizations. (Smart definitions found here.)

**”the Church” = all of Christianity, or at least the organized Body of Christ – in other words, the “Capital C Church,” as denoted by the… capital C.

College ministry is the R&D of the Church.

Roll that one around a bit. It may turn out to be a bad metaphor, or it may be more hope than present reality, but it’s what’s on my mind these days.

Of course, if we (the Church) believed that Collegiate Ministry was our R&D, it would change everything.

Let me know if anything profound hits you on this. Or even just something interesting!

[Ideas on what this might mean can be found at this later post.]

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